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Sleep & The Workplace

How Astronauts Sleep

Can’t sleep? Try dozing off in zero gravity! Think you have trouble getting enough sleep? Imagine that when you said goodnight, you could expect the sun to set—and then come up again—about five times during your eight-hour “night.” Now consider lying down when there’s no, well, down—due to zero gravity. That’s the daily reality for astronauts living and sleeping in space. But they still manage to get their shut-eye! Learn how… They Get Primed for Takeoff. Beginning three to seven days before takeoff, astronauts are exposed to bright light at certain times throughout the day in order to manipulate their biological clocks to be wide awake at the time of the launch. They Manufacture a 24-Hour Day….

How to Nap at Work

Real-world tricks to squeeze in some shut-eye on the job and boost your productivity Daytime drowsiness can affect concentration, accuracy, mood, productivity, and creativity. Sleep-deprived workers are also at greater risk for health issues, such as hypertension, diabetes, and depression. When it comes to boosting your productivity, sleeping on the job may not be such a bad thing after all: A brief nap may provide greater alertness for several hours. Try these tips to sneak in naptime at work. Take It Early. For most of us, our inner body clocks start to make us feel drowsy around siesta time—usually somewhere between 2:00pm and 3:00pm. Aim to fit in a cat nap during these hours, so it…

Do Major League Sports Have Guidelines for Their Teams Around Sleep?

Helping professional athletes perform better by sleeping better When it comes to the care of pro sports players, sleep used to be treated like the neglected stepchild, often given little attention. In recent years, that’s been changing as top teams have taken steps to address sleep issues among their players. After all, the life of professional athletes typically includes intensive training regimens, rigorous playing schedules, and continuous travel (often across time zones)—a combination of factors that makes players susceptible to insufficient sleep or poor quality shut-eye. (Not surprisingly, excessive use of sleep medications is an increasingly recognized problem in the professional sports world.) Fatigue can take a toll on players’ performance on the field or…

Make Your Office More Sleep-Friendly

These workplace strategies will help you sleep better and work better, too. Google, Ben and Jerry’s, NASA, Zappos: What do all of these companies have in common? They recognize that well-rested employees make for a happy, healthy, and productive staff. They also provide the pillows—or at least a comfy chair—to allow employees to slip away for a midday power nap. It may sound like an indulgence if you don’t already work for a company that encourages napping among its ranks (add to that list: Nike, AOL, The Huffington Post, and Congress). But some 20 percent of workers are sleepy during the day—hardly the recipe for doing your best work. For many, short naps can be…