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#GoodNights Bedroom Tour and Q&A With Alison Vinciguerra of Long Distance Loving

New mom Ali shares how making #GoodNights a priority helped get her (and her family) through those all important first months in this exclusive Q&A! Each month, the National Sleep Foundation is partnering with select bloggers and digital influencers for a new iteration of the #GoodNights challenge. We’ll explore new ways to get a good night’s rest by showcasing real life examples of how a good night’s sleep can positively impact your body, mind and spirit. We know that many of our readers want real life tips for sleeping better, so follow along and share your own #GoodNights stories by using hashtag across social media channels like Twitter and Instagram. April’s Sleep Challenge It took a bit…

Do Plants Sleep?

Learn what really goes on inside flowers and other popular plants at night. People sleep (usually) at night, and dogs and cats doze pretty much whenever they can. But how about other living things, like plants? Whether or not those tulips turn in at the end of the day depends on whom you ask—and how you define sleep. Plants don’t have a central nervous system, which is an essential regulator of sleep in humans. But they do tune themselves to a 24-hour circadian rhythm, just like you. And they do shut down certain processes, like photosynthesis, when the sun goes down, shifting their focus instead to delivering glucose (sugar) throughout the plant. Some plants, including the…