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Jet Lag

Maximizing Sleep During Summer Travel

During a recent trip, my return flight was repeatedly delayed and ultimately cancelled. Automatically, the airline rebooked me for three flights that night so I would arrive at my destination mid-morning the next day. Instead, I chose to stay in a hotel overnight and travel during the day. It was an easy choice – I had no major obligations the following day, and, most importantly, I needed to sleep. Talking with fellow passengers in the long line as we waited to rebook our flights, it was interesting to hear how sleep factored into their decision. Some people were determined to travel as soon as possible, even if it meant multiple flights across the night. However, many recognized…

The Causes of Jet Lag and How to Get Relief -- Fast

Five ways to feel better while traveling Jet lag is a term used to describe a temporary sleep condition that affects people who travel across multiple time zones. The “lag” happens when your body’s internal clock (also known as your circadian rhythm) is thrown out of whack by changing time zones quickly. Your body’s internal clock uses input from sunlight exposure, the rise and fall of your body temperature, and hormone fluctuations to determine when you’re supposed to go to sleep and wake up. For instance, a dark room, a falling body temperature, and an increase in your body’s production of the hormone melatonin can all make you feel tired. Jet lag symptoms vary in…