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The Best Colors for Sleep

What your bedroom paint colors have to do with sleep quality It might not be your upcoming work review or the fight that you had with your best friend that’s keeping you awake at night—it could be your bedroom paint colors. So what’s the “magic” color when it comes to bedroom hues? Believe it or not, people whose rooms are painted blue tend to sleep longer than those who get their shuteye in rooms with different colors. The reason has a whole lot to do with your eyes. Specialized receptors in the retina of your eyes—called ganglion cells—are most sensitive to blue. The ganglion cells are responsible for relaying information to the part of your brain that…

The Best Colors to Wake Up to

Use these hues to feel more energized in the a.m. You may or may not be a morning person, but no matter: Don’t underestimate the power of color to help you feel perkier when you rise and shine.Opening your eyes to a bright, vibrant color (as opposed to, say, gray) can instantly boost your energy levels and make you feel more ready to get moving.Follow these tips to incorporate vibrant color into your morning routine and jumpstart your day. Place Yellow Pillows or Artwork in the First Area You See. The color yellow signals love, light, warmth, learning, mood, and energy so putting objects in this hue where you’ll see them first thing when you wake…