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How to Overcome 3 Common Sleep-Related Mistakes

The right alarm clock can make early mornings easier—and even fun. Whether you’re someone who bounds out of bed at the first beep or slaps the snooze button, there’s a gadget that suits your sleep style.

If You’re a Sound Sleeper…

Are you guilty of snoozing through the beeping? End the “I slept through my alarm” excuses with a louder clock. The extra-noisy alarms are also great for people who are hard of hearing.

If You’re Not a Morning Person…

Starting your day with a good dose of sunlight resets your circadian rhythm, sending an energizing “let’s wake up!” message to your brain. If you tend to feel anything but alert in the a.m., switch to an alarm clock that gradually emits sunrise-simulating light when it’s time for you to get up.

If Your Partner’s a Light Sleeper…

Your spouse can keep on snoring when you use a vibrating alarm clock. Whether it’s worn as a bracelet or placed under your pillow, one of these smart devices uses gentle, silent vibrations to ensure that you’re the only one who is woken up.

If You Like to Sleep In…

A snooze button habit won’t just cause you to be late for work—those additional short bouts of sleep could actually make you feel groggier. The fun (and kid-approved) solution that makes it easier to get out of bed on the first buzz: Use an alarm clock that you have to chase down! It will drive off your bedside table and zip around your bedroom floor, beeping until you catch it.

If You Travel Often…

Keeping a consistent bedtime and wakeup time can improve the quality of your sleep. Pack a travel-sized analog or digital alarm clock in your luggage when you head out of town so that you can stay on track with a healthy sleep schedule.