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Hotel Sleep Tips from Frequent Travelers

You’ll sleep even better than you do at home with these tips from the pros. Traveling can provide a perfect opportunity for top-notch slumber—after all, there’s no sink full of dishes to taunt you. But being away from home can also come with unfamiliar and unpleasant sounds, smells, and more, making it hard to relax. We surveyed travel experts who’ve logged hundreds of thousands of miles the world over for their best tips on sleeping well away from home. Create A Home Away From Home. Book a room with the same size bed that you sleep in at home, recommends Jennifer Moody, a consultant who spends about half the year on the road. And while you’re…

Make Your Hotel Room Sleep-Friendly

Easy ways to sleep better in a hotel. Though it’s fun to know that someone else will make your bed in the morning, staying in a hotel isn’t always ideal, since it can be harder to get a good night’s snooze in a different bed. But there are ways to make your hotel room feel more like home and have a restful stay: Stick to a Schedule. Even if you’re on vacation, sticking to your regular sleep schedule will ensure higher quality zzz’s. Go to sleep and wake up at the same times as you would at home, and be sure to pack an alarm clock. It’s also helpful to continue with your typical pre-bed routine,…