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Sleep Routine

What is Ideal Pillow Talk?

In today’s busy world, finding quality time to spend with your significant other can be tricky, and for some couples, it may seem that bedtime is the only moment of the day that they’re able to spend alone together. That’s why it’s especially important to cherish pillow talk. Not only can this one-on-one time improve your relationship, but it can also help your sleep—as long as you discuss the right topics. Enhance your pillow talk time with these tips. Keep Tech Out. The bedroom should be limited to sex, sleep, and pillow talk. Not only can the blue light emitted from cellphones, tablets, and laptops hurt the quality of your sleep, but the…

How to Become a Morning Person

Summer vacations, travel, holidays—there are plenty of reasons that a sleep schedule can fall off the tracks. If you have a habit of staying wide-eyed until midnight, but have an alarm that blares at 6:00am, then it’s time to shift back to reality and get the sleep that you need. Luckily, it’s easy to train your body to feel tired when it should, so you can fall asleep earlier and wake up when your alarm beeps. Follow the Rule of 15. Trying to convince your body to make a bedtime leap in a single night can leave you tossing and turning. After all, you can put yourself to bed, but you can’t make yourself sleep—if…

How to Sleep Better on a Train

Sleeping well while traveling may seem like an oxymoron, but it is possible—especially if your journey is by train. It’s less stressful than traveling by car (you don’t need to worry about giving directions to the driver) or airplane (no security lines to deal with!). In fact, many people say that the rocking motion of the train lulls them to sleep. So follow these four tips the next time you travel via rail. All aboard the train to Sleepy Town! 1. Keep Your Ticket Displayed. Most train seats have a small slot to place the ticket in, so keep yours there (as opposed to in your pocket, wallet, or purse) while you sleep. If there…

Is It Possible to Get Too Much Sleep?

Experts often talk about how Americans aren’t getting nearly enough sleep these days. But what about the opposite problem? Sure, it’s a lot less common, but is it bad to get way more than the recommended amount of sleep? The answer is yes. First, a quick note: This is not referring to people who sleep slightly more than seven to nine hours a night. For instance, routinely getting 10 hours of sleep is still healthy, even though most people don’t need it (only about two percent of the population does). It’s also not about people who sleep in super late one Saturday after a long week, are dealing with jet lag, are