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Sleep Around the World

Sleep Environments Around the World

Outside the western world, some cultures sleep much differently than you. You might think that everyone around the world sleeps on a plush, bouncy mattress. But, in reality, the U.S. and other wealthy western cultures are outliers when it comes to sleeping environments. Often due to socioeconomic factors, expensive mattresses aren’t used in many cultures. Others avoid using them because they take up lots of space in a room, they’re heavy and awkward to transport, and they’re often quite soft and don’t always provide ample back support. Find out how people in other cultures catch their zzz’s. Bed Rolls or Futons: Many Japanese people prefer sleeping on what are called tatami mats. A tatami mat…

Common Sleep Customs Around the World

Find out what’s really going on behind bedroom doors across the globe. You might think that sleep is the great equalizer among people all over the world. And in some ways, it is. After all, all people rely on restful nights to recharge their bodies and minds. But how people sleep, where people sleep, and even what people wear in the sack varies with longitude and latitude. Read on to learn about unique sleep customs around the world that may surprise you. Sleep is a Family Affair. In most of the world, babies—and children—sleep with their parents. And the custom is a tough one to change. While the U.S., the United Kingdom, and parts of Europe…