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Heather Turgeon

Sleep Explorer

Heather Turgeon is a psychotherapist who writes about child development and parenting. She's the co-author of the new book The Happy Sleeper: The Science-Backed Guide to Helping Your Baby Get a Good Night’s Sleep—Newborn to School Age (Penguin Random House). Heather's writing about childhood sleep has appeared in The New York Times and The Washington Post, among others. Follow her on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram @TheHappySleeper.

Articles written by Heather Turgeon

The Summer (Sleep) Slide

You’ve probably heard of the “summer slide” in academic learning—the tendency for kids to fall behind in reading and math skills on summer vacation. The summer sleep slide is real, too. Without the structure of school, kids tend to stay up later—sometimes much later—and not sleep in consistently enough to make up for it. Rather than spend the summer catching up on sleep, kids can accumulate sleep debt that affects their health, mood, and ability to learn. In our house—with a…

“Top Off” with Milk or Formula to Help Your Baby Sleep?

A MythBusters-style investigation into the idea that a large meal before bed helps baby sleep better. As every parent knows, waking at night to feed a baby—whether by breast or bottle—can be incredibly hard. High on the list of tricks to eek out more precious minutes of sleep is the advice to feed the baby extra milk, to “top off” or “fill the tank” before bed. A bigger meal, or even the addition of formula or rice cereal, will make her…

Traveling With Baby? Don’t Leave Home Without These 5 Tips.

Follow these 5 easy suggestions to make travel a breeze Traveling with a baby can be a nerve-racking endeavor, and almost every new parent feels a little anxious about how it will go. Meltdowns mid-flight, skipped feedings, excessive amounts of gear and over-stuffed diaper bags—there’s a lot to think (read: worry) about. One of the top concerns for parents is how a trip will throw off their child’s well-honed sleep schedule. At home the environment is controlled, the routines are…

The Sleeping Power of the Lovey

  To an outsider, a lovey seems like an ordinary blanket or stuffed animal. But to a parent and child, a “lovey” can be magic. When my son was a toddler, we were flying across the country to see my parents. I had diligently packed all the smart travel items—stocked diaper bag, Ziplocs, stickers, two dozen containers of snacks. I had debated carrying the lovey—the cherished object he’d been sleeping with for a year—and decided to do it so he could nap…